Samsung mobiles and tablets add up to Android Enterprise Recommended

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The Android Enterprise Recommended program It is known to many in Spain. It is an initiative created by Google, with which to certify Android phones for business use. This program, which has been running for a couple of years, is now going to get a big boost, as Samsung phones and tablets are joining it.

Samsung announced today that they are joining this program, so that phones and tablets in the Galaxy range are now integrated with Android Enterprise Recommended. A bet with which to facilitate companies to integrate mobile solutions in their operations, in addition to providing customers with greater security.

Samsung enters Android Enterprise Recommended

Samsung mobiles and tablets add up to Android Enterprise Recommended 1

Samsung joining the Android Enterprise Recommended program is one more step in close collaboration with Google, which in the last two years has intensified significantly, something that has been made clear in the presentations of the latest phones from the South Korean giant.

Some select Galaxy models, those running Android 11, have been confirmed to like the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy Note 20, the Galaxy S7 and S7 + tablets, as well as rugged devices such as the XCover Pro, become part of this Android Enterprise Recommended program. They are the only models mentioned by the brand in its advertisement.

Joining Samsung in this program will provide business customers with a greater number of options. Since they will now have more phones to choose from than meet Google’s standard requirements and also ensures consistent device performance and a good user experience, which is tailored for businesses at all times.

Samsung mobiles and tablets add up to Android Enterprise Recommended 2

Those companies that enter the Android Enterprise Recommended website will find new devices on that list, now with Samsung models, which Google recommends as models to consider. Devices in this section get more security updates.

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