Samsung closes another of its services: goodbye to its translator

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Samsung closes another of its services: goodbye to its translator 1

Several weeks ago it was announced that Samsung’s Bixby Vision augmented reality would stop working, also for users in Spain. This is not the only service of the brand that reaches its end, because it has been announced since the company’s own translator it stops working also before the end of the year.

Samsung S Translator is the own translator service of the brand, whose end has been confirmed. Users in South Korea with the manufacturer’s phones and who use this service are beginning to receive a notice announcing the closure of the service this December.

Goodbye to the Samsung translator

Samsung S Translator final

In the notice that is already going out to users in South Korea, it is reported that S Translator will stop working on December 1. In addition, Samsung confirms that the data that has been collected by this service will be completely deleted. With this brief notice, the brand’s own translator, which is installed by default in some phones within the Galaxy range, comes to an end.

S Translator provided users with the possibility to translate between 11 different languages: English (American and British), French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Japanese. Due to this closure, users will have to resort to alternative tools to translate something they want, such as Google Translate.

Although there will still be a native way of translating texts on Samsung phones, since it will be possible to ask Bixby to translate something on a certain moment. The brand’s assistant can translate texts easily and has a wider range of languages ​​than S Translator, so for many users it is presented as a better option to use. In addition to having support for translating from the camera, as in Google Lens.

A new Samsung service comes to an end, with a few weeks to spare. If you used S Translator on your mobile, you have a number of alternatives available, such as using Bixby for these translations, or downloading applications like Google Translate or even using Google Assistant.

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