Samsung chooses the best Spanish applications

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Samsung Dev Spain is the community for Spanish developers of Samsung Electronics Iberia. This community is responsible for delivering the 2020 Top Developer Awards, where they are recognized among others the best applications of 2020 in Spain. Four applications have been the main protagonists in this new edition of the awards.

As Google does at the end of the year, the manufacturer also organizes awards where the work of developers is recognized. Alacarta RTVE, GOAZ, Tallk and MAN Aula Virtua are the applications that have won this honor of being the best of the year in Spain in 2020.

Alacarta RTVE: best application for Smart TV

Alacarta RTVE

The Alacarta RTVE application is in charge of facilitating access to the contents of Spanish public television. This application has won the award for the best application in the Smart TV category. The application was created with the aim of making all RTVE’s own content and productions available to users, on all types of devices.

Samsung chooses the best Spanish applications 1


GOAZ: best mobile app


GOAZ is the application that Samsung has awarded as best mobile app. It is an application that allows you to carry a guide for all your trips directly on your mobile, so you don’t have to carry anything else. An application that is inspired by the trips of yesteryear, when the recommendations of friends or family were followed. The community that has been created in GOAZ allows users to know which are those sites that they should never miss on their travels.

Samsung chooses the best Spanish applications 3

Tallk: best application with social component

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In the category of best application with social component, Tallk has emerged as the winner. It is an application developed by Irisbond in collaboration with the Luzón Foundation and Samsung. This application is a tool intended for facilitate communication of ALS patients. For relatives of people suffering from this disease, the application allows simpler communication.

Samsung chooses the best Spanish applications 4


MAN Virtual Classroom: best application with cultural component

MAN Virtual Classroom

The last of the awarded by Samsung in these awards is MAN Virtual Classroom, which is crowned as the best application with a cultural component. This application is responsible for bringing the contents of the National Archaeological Museum to educational centers throughout Spain. It is not an easy task, but when creating the application, the school curriculum was analyzed, in order to determine the way and place in which this application could fit. Thus, depending on the level of studies, content is provided to help learning.

Samsung chooses the best Spanish applications 5


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