Samsung bets strongly on folding: up to five mobiles in 2021

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Samsung has launched two folding mobiles this year in Spain: the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the Galaxy Z Flip. The manufacturer is betting heavily on folding phones, something they seek to maintain for next year, when we can expect a series of launches from their part. One of them will be the next Galaxy Z Fold, of which there are already some leaks, but it will not be the only one.

After a first Galaxy Fold that left many doubts, the folding models that Samsung has launched this year have generated good impressions, in addition to having good results in the market. The brand will strengthen its commitment to this type of model for next year.

Samsung will launch up to five folding

Samsung bets strongly on folding: up to five mobiles in 2021 1

Samsung plans to launch up to five foldable phones to market in 2021, according to new reports from South Korea. For now, it is known or can be intuited which will be two of those devices: the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and a new Galaxy Z Flip, whose names are not confirmed, but they will be the successors of the current folding of the brand.

It is not known at the moment what will be the other three folding models that the manufacturer plans to launch on the market. Although it is clear that they are betting heavily on folding mobiles and seek to be the benchmark brand in this segment. Especially since other manufacturers have not yet released folding models or the launched models have not had a great impact on the market, like the Motorola Razr folding.

The hope is that by launching so many folding mobiles, Samsung makes room for somewhat cheaper models. The price is one of the aspects that make many users unable to afford a folding phone, although the hope is that prices will decrease more in the coming years, so that they reach a larger audience. The prices of the models that will arrive in 2021 are unknown for now.

In a few months we will be able to get out of our doubts and get to know some of these new brand folders for 2021, although its commitment to folding is clear.

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