Samsung announces that it will launch a Fan Edition of its high-end every year

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung has just introduced the Galaxy S20 FE, a fan edition of its Galaxy S20. This model maintains many elements in common with the previous models, but comes with a significantly lower price (from 659 euros in Spain). It is a phone that has everything to be a success in the market, since its price and specifications accompany it.

Samsung knows they have a device with potential on their hands, because this Galaxy S20 FE will not be something punctual. The brand plans to release FE (Fan Edition) versions of its high-end phones every year. Thus taking its most cutting-edge models to a wider audience.

Samsung will replay

Galaxy S20 FE cameras

In the presentation of this Galaxy S20 FE, the brand has left us with this important news. Since the Galaxy S20 FE is not going to be a one-time launch, but rather their plans are to launch this type of model every year. So next year we can also hope that its high-end will later have a Fan Edition, as has happened in 2020.

Samsung will follow a strategy similar to this year. They will first present their new high-end, where they introduce a series of innovations in their design and specifications. A few months later, around six months later, it will be when the firm presents this Fan Edition of these high-end models. In that cheaper version some of the novelties that have been seen in the high range will be incorporated.

This Galaxy S20 FE has incorporated a series of functions that we have seen in the Galaxy S20, like your screen with 120 Hz refresh rate, as well as reverse wireless charging, among others. In this way, some of the most outstanding elements of the high-end range are maintained, but in a somewhat more accessible model, which also remains within the high-end range.

Galaxy S20 FE

What has not been confirmed is if Fan Edition of both the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note will be launched. If so, Samsung may launch a special version of its Galaxy Note 20 in a few months, with a more accessible price. A launch that is sure to generate interest in the market.

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