Revolution in Google Maps: you no longer have a robotic voice

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Table of Contents

Revolution in Google Maps: you no longer have a robotic voice 1

Google Maps has become, update after update, on the application of maps and navigation GPS we have access to in Android. The maps of Spain work great, both on highways as on local and business.

However, there was a choice that I still had much to improve, and we have all been waiting years to change. We speak of the voice, an instrument essential in the experience of Google Maps that takes you from your beginning to sound very robotic. Google have already decided to put an end to this.

Google dramatically improves the voice of Maps

Normally, when an application is renewed completely, it is normal to think about a change in the user interface. Sometimes, however, the change more striking can be in the paragraphs sound.

Google Maps, and in essence, any application of navigation maps is the best example in which the voice is a crucial part of the user interface. The application of Google has announced its biggest change in the voice navigation, which will finally stop sounding like a robot synthetic and will have a more natural voice.

How does it sound? Just activate the audio and listen to the video below, with the before and the after.

Google has not specified how long it takes for this feature to arrive users of Google Maps, indicating only that it will arrive in an update. It is assumed that such an update is imminent, so that it is possible that in the next few hours we can enjoy a voice much more natural. In these moments we have updated the application to the latest version and continue with the voice old, so it will be a matter of time.

Now the important question is whether this great improvement will end up receiving it with open arms or if we finally end up entering a nostalgia for retrieve the old robotic voice that takes many years for us.

The input Revolution on Google Maps: you no longer have a robotic voice appears first in Android Free.