Racing with great graphics and official licenses

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Table of Contents

It is a title developed by Hucth Games, the company that specialises in creating racing games, with a history quite as prominent releases of Hot Wheels: Race Off, or the recent F1 Mobile, the official game of the competition.

Rebel Racing
Rebel Racing

Realistic graphics, arcade gameplay

The level of detail in the game is amazing, being at the level of big titles like Real Racing or Asphalt, both in cars and in the environment in which they develop careers. It not only shows a great graphic quality in the outer part of the car, as the pieces that we acquire to improve the same, also shown physically, is not a mere change in intangible.

This realism is transformed when we get behind the wheel, including all the simplicity possible in the gameplay. Not only in the controls, also, since we only have to focus on turning the car and hit the Nitro, but the development of the racing is much more simple than it seems. Journeys are relatively short and circuits are easy to handle, with straight lines and some curves to drifting, which makes the game much more attractive.

Story mode and online racing

The game has its own story mode, in which we must go beyond different races to get to the boss end, and so move on to the next chapter. The system of improvements of the car will allow access to careers with greater difficulty. When selecting an event, the game displays a map that is very reminiscent of Forza Horizon, although we do not have the possibility of driving free.

If we want to choose the online, account with a multiplayer PvP, in which we will beat in a duel with other real players and their respective cars, but all in due time, since that function will have available to overcome part of the story. In the catalog of cars, is not scarce, in that we will be getting cars for free if we overcome certain important races, but usually arrive 24 hours after it is unlocked. Yes, as it happens in the titles of the competition, the real money plays an important factor to advance in the game, once you have arrived at certain dimensions of the same.