Pixels receive exclusive new features in December’s ‘Feature Drop’

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Users of a Recent Pixel will receive from today a new update. And it will not be a “simple” security patch. This December it’s ‘Feature Drop’.

This means that Google update your latest mobiles to add important improvements and news, with new features exclusive for the operating system and Google products.

The news of Pixel ‘Feature Drop’

Extreme battery saving

The Extreme battery saving of the Pixel 5 reaches the Pixel 3 and newer devices. This mode is more aggressive than the current one, disabling most applications and sensors to squeeze the battery.

New suggestions in Google Photos

Google Photos premieres in the Pixel new suggestions. Now for landscapes it will suggest filters to correct or modify the lighting of the sky. It offers us a wide variety of filters based on different weather conditions.

Pixel Feature Drop Filters

Google Duo and share your screen in groups

The Pixels release a new feature in Google Duo. For a couple of months, the application allows us share your screen in a video call. Now in the Pixel you can share your screen in group video calls.

Google Duo

Wait for me

The fourth novelty is exclusive to the Pixels in the United States. The function ‘Hold for Me’ released a month ago on the Pixel 5 reaches the lower models. This feature allows the Google Assistant to answer a waiting call to notify us when an operator answers us.

Your most adaptive Pixel

Google Pixels get even smarter to adapt to the environment. For example now Adaptive sound improves the sound quality of your phone’s speaker based on your surroundings, or the Adaptive connectivity adjust 4G or 5G connectivity depending on the applications. For example, to browse or chat you will use 4G and to watch movies or download large files you will use 5G.

Google Lens now translates apps

Pixels can now detect if you’re viewing a website or app in a different language so they can translate it with Google Lens. To do this we will only have to take a screenshot or see the recent applications view and tap on the new Lens icon.

More customization

Star wars

Released on the Pixel 5, its Pixel siblings also get the power option customize the grid from the home screen. Also, new wallpapers arrive Star wars and soon from Google Arts & Culture.

From Now Playing to YouTube Music

Finally, if you have activated the recognition of songs in the background Now Playing, now from your history you can export the songs recognized that you select in a YouTube Music playlist.

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Pixels receive exclusive new features in December’s ‘Feature Drop’

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Pixels receive exclusive new features in December's 'Feature Drop' 1

Pixels receive exclusive new features in December's 'Feature Drop' 2