Pixels are updated with new exclusive features

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Google hasn’t given up on its intention for the Pixels to be go-to mobiles in any sense. In Spain for example we do not have the Pixel 5 available, but we do have the Pixel 4a, for example.

Despite this, these phones are the first to receive some of the functions that, sometimes, later reach the rest of the phones.

New weather filters in Google Photos

Although it is not exactly the same, Google Photos will now suggest modifications to the photos centered on the sky, as does the Xiaomi gallery app and other apps from developers in the Google Play Store.

Adaptive sound comes to Google Pixels

The Google Pixel Buds 2 headphones have a feature that changes the volume based on outside noise. This now comes to Google mobiles.

Extreme battery saving

One of the new functions, which will bequeath to the Pixel 3 and more current mobiles, is the one that allows activating a new energy saving model that restricts most apps to allow us to squeeze the battery in very specific moments.

Google Duo improves screen sharing option

In addition to being able to share a screen in a normal Duo video call, with the Pixels we can do it in group video calls, something that is not yet possible in other brands.

New call waiting for the Pixels

The most prominent function is called Hold for me and it is exclusive to the United States. It allows the assistant to be aware of a call when we wait for an operator to answer us, and notifies us when the call begins, not having to wait in a queue of users for an operator to answer us. Hopefully it will be available in Spain in a few months.

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More changes

Other minor changes are the possibility of creating a playlist with the songs that the system detects that sound around us and interest us; we will have more customization options on the main screen; Google Lens will be able to translate screenshots that we make of apps or webs, quickly.

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