Photoshop Camera, the app to enhance photos and add filters

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Table of Contents

It will not look anything like the classic app Adobe Lightroomsince neither retains the same interface and editing options have a whole different approach. The idea is to be able to take photos from the application itself, adding in-situ filters and effects that give a unique style to the images. And by the way, filters do not walk scarce.

Adobe Photoshop Camera
Adobe Photoshop Camera

Infinite number of filters with the help of the AI

The main asset of this program is that it has a large catalogue of filters that can be applied both before and after you make the photo. Such filters are handled through the AI, which is responsible for interpreting the light conditions of the snapshot, and to adapt the filter to these conditions. In addition, with a system of improvements to modify those parameters that may be correct, as the luminosity, brightness, shadows, etc

photoshop camera library

We can access these filters in two ways. The app offers us a series of lenses already pre-installed such as Pop Art, Spectrum, among others. Within each one of them, there are several styles to choose from, which are normally 5. But is that in addition, we expect an infinite number of filters in his great library, all of them categorized by sections. We miss a search button to speed up the process, but compensates for the disposal of all filters, with examples to preview the result.

photoshop camera heavenly

All that we managed in the second tab of the library, modifying the order of disposition or eliminating the we do not want to. On the other hand, has a section for contact with the developers, in the case of that want to create filters for the platform. So it is only necessary to send a name and an e-mail in the form.

Result of the photos with Photoshop and Camera

We could not navigate through the app without testing these filters to check the result of this IA that has. We have tested a few of them, although most have not called your attention are the filters Pop Art, Spectrum, Portrait and some lenses of landscapes. One of them called Heavenly (photo above), recreates a picture night of stars if we go up into the sky, the AI as mimics without any problem,it is the time of day that is.

pohotshop camera portrait

On the other hand, we wanted to test the effect of a Portrait, as it is one of the most used by the users for a long time. The the result is quite remarkablea good interpretation of the subject with a cut very natural, though does not prevent over-exposing a bit of the background to note the contrast, something very common even on mobile devices with sensors prepared for this purpose. Without a doubt, a very good option to give style to our photos and share it on the social networks.