Pepephone improves its Sinfín rate: double gigs at the same price

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Pepephone has become one of the most popular operators in Spain, which also improves its rates continuously. The operator recently incorporated unlimited data into one of its rates. Now they leave us with another important improvement in their current rates. Since an improvement is introduced in its best known rate.

It is Pepephone’s Endless Rate that gets a notable improvement, in its 5 GB version. The operator will double the amount of gigabytes available in this rate, but without the price of it changing, so you will be able to enjoy double your rate.

This is how Pepephone’s Sinfín rate improves

Pepephone's future after MásMóvil

The current Pepephone Endless Rate goes from 5 GB to 10 GB in this case, thus doubling its amount of gigs per month directly. The unlimited calls present in the tariff remain unchanged. The price remains the same, being 11.90 euros per month what this rate costs in the popular operator.

In addition, if with this increase of gigabytes in the rate, at the end of the month you have not consumed all of them, the operator allows you to accumulate the gigs that you have not spent, as we told you this summer. At this rate we also have roaming in Europe and we can send SMS messages at a price of 10.89 cents per message, a price that has not changed.

The change in this Endless Rate entered into force on September 1, as reported by the operator, although the change is being launched gradually among users. So if you have this contracted rate, these days you will probably receive a notice from the operator, where you will be informed of the increase in gigs in it. You will not have to do anything to activate it, it will be something automatic.

Good news for users with this Pepephone rate. Keeping its price, you now get double the gigs in it, to browse for longer or use your messaging applications with less worries.

The Pepephone ticket improves its Sinfín rate: double gigs at the same price appears first in El Androide Libre.