Oxygen OS 11 and Android 11: analysis of the 11 most important improvements

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Table of Contents

Oxygen OS 11 and Android 11: analysis of the 11 most important improvements 1

Oxygen OS 11 is the new version of the interface of OnePlus phones, which is already standard in the OnePlus 8T that arrives this month in Spain. In addition, these weeks it has been launching for the other high-end phones this year, the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. This version of the interface is based on Android 11 and involves the introduction of a series of new functions in the phones.

Oxygen OS 11 and Android 11 bring changes to OnePlus phones. There are a number of enhancements that are particularly noteworthy and that we will discuss below. These are the 11 most important improvements that are launched in this new version of the brand’s interface.

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Notification history

Oxygen OS 11 notification history

Android 11 has left us with many changes in the field of notifications, of which we spoke in his day. One of the functions that they leave us in Oxygen OS 11 is also the notification history. If on any occasion we have missed a notification, since we have deleted them before we can read it, this history allows us to recover and view it, so that we do not miss anything.

In the settings we have the possibility to activate this notification history, as well as going to the registry, where you can see all the notifications we have received, arranged chronologically.

Notification bubbles

Oxygen OS 11 and Android 11: analysis of the 11 most important improvements 2

One of the novelties that Android 11 left us are the notification bubbles, which we already know from applications like Messenger. This system becomes native in this new version of the operating system and Oxgen OS 11 adopts it as well. This is something that will depend on the applications that use the APIs, but for now we have them already available in Messenger and Telegram.

Upon receiving a notification, we can click on that bubble, to open that chat on the screen. When leaving the chat, said bubble remains on the screen, so that we can enter it at all times. If we want to remove the bubble, we just have to hold down and drag.


Oxygen OS 11 conversations

Conversations is another function that was launched in Android 11 and that OnePlus maintains in its interface. This is a section for messaging app chat notifications, which are kept in that section, while other notifications are grouped into other sections. This allows better management of these notifications on the phone, since they are grouped in a way that is comfortable.

Resizable PiP mode

Oxygen OS 11 PiP mode

When we see some multimedia content in applications like Netflix, when we minimize the app, a small playback window remains on the phone screen. Oxygen OS 11 provides us with the possibility of resizing said floating window, so that it has the size that seems most comfortable to us.

To change the size of this window, we just have to swipe from the bottom right or left corner from that window. So we can adjust it to the size that is most convenient for us.

Power menu

Menu on Android 11 Oxygen OS 11

The new Android 11 power menu also comes to Oxygen OS 11. This menu, which we access by holding down the power button, allows us to have control over the home automation in our home, those connected devices. It is presented as a simple tool to control these devices, by being able to turn them on or off from it. Although for those who do not use this option, apps like Tasker already allow modifying the menu.

Multimedia widget

Oxygen OS 11 Multimedia Widget

OnePlus introduces a new widget at the top, intended to control multimedia elements. It is located in the quick settings panel, so when we slide we find that widget there. One aspect that makes this widget special is that all the multimedia control widgets of your applications are located in that same block.

That is, if you use an app like Spotify and Pocket Cast, as in the video, to switch from one widget to the other we will only have to slide to the side. This allows the widget to take up less space on the screen, but maintains easy access at all times, with which to control the playback of those applications.


There are also privacy changes. The applications we they will now be able to request a permit in a timely manner, so that we can grant it only when the application is being used, instead of having said permission continuously active on the phone, even if the application is not being used.

In addition, OnePlus will allow us to automatically deny permissions to those applications that we do not use. If we see that there is an app that we have not used for a long time and it does not seem that we are going to use it soon, in its settings there is an option to deny it all permissions.

Always on Display

Oxygen OS 11 Always On Display

This was a function that was confirmed to be official this summer. Oxygen OS 11 is finally the Arrival of Always on Display Mode to phones from the Chinese manufacturer. This screen allows you to have a series of data available, without having to unlock the phone to see them. In the phone settings it will be possible to configure this screen, choosing when you want to have it active on the device.

In addition, it is possible to customize this screen, changing its appearance, from the personalization section in the phone settings.

Zen mode

Zen Oxygen OS 11 mode

Zen Mode is a feature known to users with OnePlus phones, and it gets a number of improvements in Oxygen OS 11. The brand gives us more time options to activate it on the phone, since we will be able to choose between intervals between 1 minute and 2 hours. So we can select the desired time. The brand has also introduced new themes in this mode.

Another novelty in this Zen Mode It is called Group Mode, which is designed so that both you and your friends can have the same Zen Mode on your phones.

New settings interface

Oxygen OS 11 settings menu

OnePlus renews the settings interface in this new version of its interface. The brand has introduced changes so that make it more convenient to use this menu with one hand. Although when entering some settings, the empty part is at the bottom, so we are forced to slide up when we are using this menu.

System Personalization / Appearance

Oxygen OS 11 appearance and icons

OnePlus is moving a little further away from Android Stock in its appearance, with the presence of new icons and more customization options, such as new themes or the accent color, among other functions. Thanks to them, users will be able to change the appearance of the phone to their liking.

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