Orange’s 5G is already operational in 121 municipalities in Spain

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Spain continues to improve its 5G coverage at a rapid pace, adding more and more coverage in more cities. Although the operator announced at the end of the year that it would be available in 93 cities in Spain, in these two months it has continued to improve.

The company has announced that its 5G network is already available in 121 municipalities in Spain, highlighting the inclusion of large cities, coastal towns of great tourist interest and inland municipalities. What are the most prominent and how can we see if our area has coverage? We will tell you.

Orange increases its 5G coverage and reaches these cities

Despite the fact that Vodafone was the first to arrive in Spain, Orange’s 5G has begun to be deployed at high speed in recent months. As of February 1, it is already available in 121 municipalities, as the operator itself highlights.

The coastal area has been one of the areas with the highest priority, offering great coverage in provinces like my beloved Cádiz, as well as Ibiza, Ceuta, Melilla, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Mojacar or Denia. Indoors, coverage in places such as Cáceres, Salamanca, Córdoba, Logroño or Valladolid stands out, as well as the large cities that were the main priority at the beginning of 2020.

Orange's 5G is already operational in 121 municipalities in Spain 1Although 121 municipalities seems like a great number, the coverage of 5G (those little blue dots) is still testimonial.

We are not going to detail much about the cities and each coverage of them. Orange has boasted of the number of municipalities in which they have 5G connectivity available, but in the end this generation of mobile networks is like laughter, which goes by neighborhoods, and in each municipality the coverage can be almost total, extensive or very limited. Ideally, if you are interested, check the Orange 5G map.

Finally, to benefit from the improved speed and latency of this new generation, if you are an Orange customer there is no cost to you (not for the 5G customers of other operators either) but it is necessary that your mobile is compatible with 5G networks.

Orange 5G coverage map in Spain.

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