Orange will let you pay your mobiles or rates with Bizum

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Orange is one of the most important operators in Spain, whose 5G is already present in 121 municipalities throughout the country. This operator continues to expand your range of services now with the arrival of Bizum payments, allowing operator users to make payments with this method. They become the first operator in Spain to add this method.

Customers of Orange and its other brands (Jazztel and Amena) they will be able to make payments through Bizum, regardless of the bank to which they belong. Those transactions in which you could only use a bank card can now also be carried out with this mobile payment app in a simple way.

Orange introduces Bizum payments

Orange Bizum payments

Payments that were previously made with a bank card,such as the initial payments in the purchase of terminals, payments in case of excess consumption of your rate, purchases in installments, recoveries and more. Orange seeks to give users more options when making payments, adding Bizum to said range of options. The process can thus be much easier and faster for users.

When you have contacted the operator’s customer service to carry out a transaction, a link will be sent to you by SMS or email so that you can choose the payment method. Among these options, Bizum is also introduced, for those users who want to use it. To make this possible, the operator has collaborated with BBVA, since both share digitization and improving the customer experience as objectives.

Bizum has become one of the most popular payment methods in Spain since it hit the market in 2016. In fact, it already has more than 13 million active users and more and more companies are supporting this method. It is therefore not a surprise that the operator is one of the companies to support and allow customers to make payments with this method.

Starting next week, all Orange, Jazztel and Amena customers will also be able to use Bizum in their payments, if they so wish. Payment options are expanded, adding a method that is easy for many users.

The Orange ticket will let you pay your mobiles or rates with Bizum, it appears first in El Androide Libre.