Options and features of the Samsung Galaxy M31 and the Galaxy M21

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Table of Contents

The mid-range has become a great haven for buyers that do not want to give up anything in your day-to-day and looking for a quality/price ratio appropriate. Therefore, the stigma that existed before it, are a thing of the past. Thus, it is not surprising that its sales will grow as the foam, because the experience you get is good enough to be an excellent solution both for personal use & as a professional.

The best solution, Samsung Galaxy M31

Without a doubt, this is a smartphone that you should always have in mind when thinking about the purchase of a mid-range phone from Samsung. You have a large amount of reasons to be an excellent choice, as for example the combination of your processor and memory RAM, two of the most important components in everything that has to do with the performance of a smartphone. The choice is a SoC Exynos 9611 and 6 GB respectively, which ensures that there is not any application that resists it.

But, in addition, the storage of 64 GB expandable, that being type UFS 2.1, enables the transfer of data is spatially rapid, and this impacts very positively on the performance the Samsung Galaxy M31… to do very well. So many are the possibilities offered by this device, that video editing is possible without the fluidity suffer, as well as the to play without many problems since in the interior it includes a GPU Mali, for example, is able to work with degrees of three-dimensional form is more than correct.

Colors of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy M31

And, all of this is crowned with a screen of 6.4 inches which includes protection Gorilla Glass and has a resolution Full HD+, which ensures that you will not have any impediment to enjoy content like Netflix without a problem, something that helps decisively that includes connection WiFi Dual Band. By the way, as the panel is Super AMOLED, the consumption is low –which also happens with the processor, so that the battery 6000 mAh ensures an autonomy very remarkable, and that lets you forget everything to enjoy the Samsung smartphone.

A camera that serves for everything

This is something that especially stands out in the Galaxy M31, as we talk about a component that has four sensors nothing less… and that, clearly, is a reason for purchase for the user in the times. The combination chosen, allows the recording quality 4K (ideal even to create content for YouTube), has the following configuration: 64 + 8 + 5 + 5 megapixel, and offers an excellent quality to acquire lots of light, with a focal aperture of F:1.8 and, in addition, it is possible to use different Modes of work as the professional or to get a blur in portraits of high quality… as well as in the macro photos, which are done by a few inches. By the way, no problems with the selfies thanks to an element of 32 Mpx.

Screen of the Samsung Galaxy M31

Samsung Galaxy M21, solution for all

This is a model that shares many features with the previous one, as for example the processor; internal storage; and, also, the Android operating system 10 that uses a layer custom Samsung call One UI in its second version, and that works excellently. But if there is anything remarkable here is that the battery is 6000 mAhwhich is a excellent detail to ensure a high autonomy with the screen 6,4 inches type sAMOLED and that, in addition, it benefits from a quick load of 15W.

But there are some details that justify that the Samsung Galaxy M21 costing only $ 229, and not the 279 reached earlier: an example is that the RAM is 4 GBwhich evidently is sufficient for the work to flow without problems even in terms of multitasking (with several applications open at once). Besides, the number of sensors there is in this terminal is three (48 + 8 +5), which is quite good and it responds without problems in social networks. Therefore, we speak of a full model that, in addition, has the function Game Booster that prepares the smartphone to take full advantage of your hardware with the games.

Lateral image of the Samsung Galaxy M21

Having said all this, safe that it is quite clear that Samsung offers a midrange that is full and attractive as offers a lot and good so that in the day-to-day do not think that there is something missing to your smartphone. Therefore, the only thing you have to do is enjoy the mobile technology-are a price very sensible thanks to these terminals.