OnePlus will update the Nord N10 and N100 to Android 11 and nothing else

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When OnePlus announced the new entry and mid-range models, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100, we were surprised to see that they arrived with Android 10 and not Android 11, as happened in the OnePlus 8T.

This is already something that we criticized in the review of the OnePlus N10 5G that we published a few days ago, but we were confident that it was a matter of time and that they would catch up shortly.

Not only is it not like that, but now OnePlus has confirmed that the cheapest models will only have support for a major Android update. And yes, it will be Android 11.

OnePlus is wrong big time with this decision

OnePlus will update the Nord N10 and N100 to Android 11 and nothing else 1

That OnePlus wants to compete in the entry-level market is understandable, but it is a very saturated market in which it must offer differential value.

The software could be that value, but with the decision they have made, not only will it not be like that, but we will see how it becomes an inconvenience.

If the company had launched these phones with Android 11 and they were only updated to Android 12, we could make a criticism, but we would be in the same case as with other manufacturers.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G review: beauty is on the inside

But the fact that these models with Android 10 have been launched and that the only update they are going to receive is Android 11 seems nonsense to us. As OnePlus sources have stated to Android Central:

“The Nord N10 5G and N100 will receive a major Android update and a total of two years of security updates. The plan for these two devices aligns with industry standards for smartphones in more affordable price ranges. As always, we will continue to listen to feedback from our users and look for ways to improve the software experience for all OnePlus devices. “

They are basically saying that the rest of the industry does the same, that they don’t care about the software updates of the cheaper models. Although the rest of manufacturers do, the last to reach this part of the market is OnePlus, and they should offer something distinctive.

We have contacted OnePlus Spain to find out what the situation is in our country. We will update if we receive a response.

The OnePlus entry will update the Nord N10 and N100 to Android 11 and nothing else appears first in The Free Android.