OnePlus will also have Always on Display in their phones

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OnePlus 7T Pro

Mode Always on Display, for several years present in Android, with a lot of phones known to have the possibility to activate the same. Although not all brands had this feature, as is the case of OnePlus, they do not have in their personalization layer Oxygen OS. The good news is that soon there will be changes in this regard.

OnePlus confirms now that are going to incorporate Always on Display in its layer of customization. The brand has not given dates for the moment, for such incorporation, but it is confirmed finally a feature that users wanted to have. In fact, they have had a determining role in this process.

Always on Display comes to Oxygen OS

Always On Display Samsung

OnePlus recently organized a contest of ideas or suggestions, in which users could vote what were the functions that they wished to be present at Oxygen OS. One of the most voted in the same was Always on Displayso that the brand itself confirms now working on introducing this feature on their phones. Good news for those followers.

From years ago, which is one of the most requested feature so far to get to Oxygen OS, but has never finished of reach. One of the reasons that have been argued were possible problems with the battery, which hindered the introduction of this function. It seems that now the brand has found a way to incorporate this function, but have not given just details about this.

Also not mentioned what are going to be the phones of the brand that will have this feature. The first phone of the brand in use a AMOLED panel was the OnePlus 5, so that from this device to the latest generation ought to be possible to have this function in the same. Although we will have to wait for some confirmation of the mark in this regard, who has just given details on how it’s going to happen.

What is more likely is that it launches first a beta of Oxygen OS where you try this Always on Display. So it is likely that wait a few months until the phones OnePlus be able to enjoy this function. At least it is confirmed that it will come, that it was something that users were waiting for.

The entrance OnePlus will also have Always on Display on their phones first appears in The Android Free.