OnePlus reveals the name of its future mobiles on its own website

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One of the companies that is trying the most to reinvent itself in recent years is OnePlus. Until two years ago, this company sold two models a year in Spain and several countries, but in 2019 they decided to expand their strategy with a broader catalog and more exclusive prices.

In 2020 they have continued that trend because they are among the best in every way, but they have decided to bet on a terminal that they consider to be more reasonably priced. As the end of the year comes, the company seems to be working on new models, and they could launch up to 5 new mobiles.

These OnePlus phones have appeared on the official website

Sometimes we can know what the next products of a company will be by the leaks that some people get. But what happens when your own website reveals your future plans?

Something like this has just happened with OnePlus, and as Evleaks reports, the company’s own website has web addresses for help and manuals for each model, and there are already pages for the new models, which have the following Names:

  • 8T:
  • 8T Pro:
  • Nord N100:
  • Nord N105g:
  • Codename «SS9805»:

That by the end of the year we were going to see the T versions of the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro was not any kind of surprise, since it is a launch strategy that the company has been carrying out since the OnePlus 3 back in 2016, and the company itself has recognized on more than one occasion that they do not intend to do so.

OnePlus reveals the name of its future mobiles on its own website 1

The two new Nord are stranger, since it is a mobile that was presented so recently that it would be strange if it ends up being replaced. The possibilities could be a minor revision with a Snapdragon 768g processor, or the model that we already knew and analyzed but with some modifications for the US market and others that were left out of the initial launch of the Nord.

SS9805 is something more mysterious because it doesn’t have a name. Given the current rumors, it could be one of the two launches, which would have Snapdragon 690 or Clover processors, with the Snapdragon 460.

The entry OnePlus reveals the name of its future mobiles on its own website appears first in The Free Android.