OnePlus already has their own app for mobile payments

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Several brands of phones have their own system or application of payments, as is the case of Samsung Pay, for example. This list is going to grow now with a new payment service that comes to the market. OnePlus Pay is already the reality, which as you can infer by the name, is the payment service of the chinese brand.

This service of mobile payments have already been launched in China, the only country in which it is available for the moment. But it is hoped that these next few months are going to expand in a global way between the phones of the brand. At the moment is the OnePlus 7T which already has access to.

OnePlus Pay becomes a reality

OnePlus already has their own app for mobile payments 1

Because that was just released, has support for just some bank cards in China. It is not something rare, always occur with any application of this type, so surely with the passage of the weeks OnePlus Pay to go having support with more and more banks, at least only in China, where it has already launched.

Up to now it is only available in the OnePlus 7T. The logical thing to do would be to slowly go to go throwing the rest of brand phones. The dates for this to happen are unknown at the moment, so we’ll have to wait for the brand to advertise something. In fact, they have not even announced this application yet.

We have to wait until we are going to tell more about this application of mobile payments. The past year gave to understand that he was going to launch on their phones, but finally it seems that it has already occurred. OnePlus Pay is an application on the that we barely have details, and we don’t even know if there are plans to launch it in Europe. So, hopefully soon data about this application and its deployment in the market.

The entrance OnePlus already has their own app for mobile payments appears first in Android Free.