One billion people will have access to 5G before the end of the year according to Ericsson

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5G has advanced notably in 2020, with various operators deploying their networks already in Spain, such as Movistar. In addition, throughout the year a multitude of phones have been launched on the market that have support for this new generation. More and more people have access to these new networks.

According to a report published by Ericsson, heading into the end of this year, will be approximately one billion people those that already have access to 5G around the world. It therefore assumes that 15% of the world’s population has access to these networks.

5G reaches 15% of the population

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Ericsson comments that 5G is no longer a novelty, to become the norm in many countries already. This allows a new phase to be entered, in which more and more devices are launched on the market, which have support for this new generation. It is something that we have been able to see, because mobile phones with support are no longer something exclusive to the mid-range.

Also, as an interesting fact, 80% of 5G contracts and fees or subscriptions come from Chinto. It is the country that has most adopted this new standard, a figure that contrasts with North America, for example, where by the end of this year only 4% of mobile subscriptions are expected to be with the new standard.

You can appreciate the difference in pace of implementation of this new standard around the world. It seems that this is something that will continue for some time, although the growth in the market is not going to stop, since it is expected that by the end of 2026 there will be more than 3.5 billion tariffs of the new standard worldwide.

It seems clear that 5G is making good progress around the world. In countries like Spain, the main operators are in charge of its deployment. Movistar, for example, will ensure that before the end of the year, 75% of the population of Spain will already have access.

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