Office 365 will be called Microsoft 365: reach more parental control features and a greater stake for the use of IA

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Office 365 is one of the most well known of Microsoft and the asp of time has been gaining in capabilities, especially with the potentiation of the cloud as support. And now the company wants to give a new twist to a tool that, change in name and gains in performance.

Office 365, the subscription service of the company based in Redmond will be renamed from the 21st of April, Microsoft 365. A new name, more global, in which the company adds features as is the case of a new application for family Safety, and where it reinforces its commitment to the use of artificial intelligence and tools based in the cloud.

Not to say Office 365, says Microsoft 365


The good news is that Office 365, forgiveness, Microsoft 356, keeps the pricethat will continue to be 7 € 7 per month or 69 euros per year if it is for personal use or $ 10 per month and 99 euros per year for the family plan.

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Remember that already in December of 2019 we saw rumors that pointed to a change in the way in which it is marketed the subscription service from Microsoft. Even in Septembersome users saw changes in this regard in its accounts. This may be the end result.

Microsoft 365 brings together everything good that it had Office 365 but also adds new features. With respect to what is already known, we will still have access to the Office desktop applications, storage in the cloud with OneDrive and a capacity of 1 TB and 60 minutes of phone calls on Skype each month.

Microsoft Family Safety


And on the novelties, we find a new app of family safety, Microsoft Family Safetythat , among other factors allows you to control the screen time that we do the teams.

This is a app for mobile that wants to serve the parents so that they can track and control the activity of their children. With it you can know the time of display performed by the children, their location, the applications that use them, either on a Windows PC, em is an Android phone or an Xbox.

Microsoft Family Safety

In addition, the parent can set limits in relation to the time of use of the devices as well as limit the access to certain web content. And all this by means of an app that can be downloaded both on iOS as on Android.

Teams and Office


In the case of Teams, a tool used until now mostly for the business environment,
now wins with the arrival of features that make it more “social”capabilities that will facilitate the contact and the organization of our digital life with family and friends. We will be able to make calls in a group, send photos and videos, organize schedules… and all from the app Teams.

In addition, new capabilities. It is the case of Microsoft Publisher, a tool that relies on the use of artificial intelligence and that will help the applications of Word, and Outlook. With the aim of helping in the drafting of documents (you can even make suggestions), this tool even has a system that helps us to avoid potential problems of plagiarism to recognize when what we write is similar to other content and in that case, we suggest the corresponding appointment. Is more, they also have designed an extension to make it compatible with Google Chrome but also with the new Edge based on Chromium.


PowerPoint is another one of the traditional applications that win in functionsbecause now you can also suggest changes in the grammar and improvements to have better presentations. In this sense, PowerPoint Designer will facilitate the access to more than 8000 images and 175 videos on loop of Getty images, as well as over 200 new templates.

With Outlook also reach new capabilities that will help us manage all our work and life in a single place. We can link our personal calendar to the work schedule and well show you our actual availability in the work account and always maintaining the privacy around the details of personal appointments and business meetings.

In addition to announce the expansion of Play My Emails on Android, where Cortana provides a smart reading of your emails. Play My Emails provides us with information about the new mails that arrive to your inbox. On the other hand, Microsoft Search, which now recognizes natural language in iOS and Android, facilitating the obtaining results more quickly and easily. The new search functionality and the availability of Play My Emails on Android will begin to be implemented in the coming months.

Microsoft has big plans for Microsoft, no doubt, and it remains to be seen what the acceptance of this change among the users. We will leave doubts as of the 21st of April.

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Office 365 will be called Microsoft 365: reach more parental control features and a greater stake for the use of IA

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Office 365 will be called Microsoft 365: reach more parental control features and a greater stake for the use of IA 1

Office 365 will be called Microsoft 365: reach more parental control features and a greater stake for the use of IA 2