Nvidia updates its Shield TV to demonstrate why it is the best Android TV to play

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Nvidia updates its Shield TV to demonstrate why it is the best Android TV to play 1

Android TV is an increasingly widespread smart TV system in Spain. Beyond the televisions that include this pre-installed system, there are many devices to convert any television, monitor or even projector into devices with this system.

There are them for all tastes, from the extremely affordable Chromecast with Google TV and Xiaomi Mi Stick TV to high-performance equipment specialized in the gaming experience such as the Nvidia Shield TV. These devices are starting to get a new update that reminds us why it is the best Android TV device to play.

The Nvidia Shield TV is updated to support controllers of the next generation consoles

One of the things we like the most about the Nvidia Shield TV is the effort that the company puts into keeping them well updated. Whether you own the latest model or its predecessors from 2017 or 2015, these devices are updated relatively frequently to catch up on Android TV versions or to receive specific updates on the Nvidia experience.

Shield Experience 8.2.2 is the latest version to reach the Nvidia Shield. Although the last update of this device corrected a multitude of errors, the list of changes of this version is much shorter, but it will please the most gamers.

Nvidia Shield TV review: new design and much more power

After the update, you will be able to play your Android games or streaming (via GeForce NOW, Stadia or Xbox Game Pass) with the next generation controllers included in the Xbox Series S, Series X and PlayStation 5. If you have a new console generation is good news to take advantage of your new controller in the Shield, while if you are looking for a controller for this one, perhaps these new models will attract you (I could possibly get an Xbox controller for my Shield TV).

If you have one of these controllers, you will have to go to the Bluetooth settings and pair a new device. Once you are in the menu, you will have to put your controller in pairing mode:

  • PlayStation 5: Press and hold the PlayStation and Share buttons at the same time until the controller light blinks blue.
  • Xbox: Press and hold the pairing button until the Xbox logo starts flashing.

Nvidia Shield TV for 159 euros on Amazon.

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