Nvidia Shield TVs get a big update: improvements and fixes everywhere

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If you want the best Android TV available in Spain, the Nvidia Shield TV are one of the best options you can access. Despite its premium price, the company knows how to make up for it with excellent performance and an unrivaled upgrade policy, even updating its first model from 2015.

It is true that not all models receive the same news, since those that depend on more modern hardware cannot be implemented. Nvidia has released a major update for their televisions, with 8.2.1 being the version number.

Nvidia updates Shields with improvements and tons of bug fixes

One of Nvidia’s best added values ​​with its Shield TV is the software updates. These updates tend to arrive frequently and add capabilities on an ongoing basis, allowing the device to get better over time. One of the key aspects is that the company usually updates all its models at the same time, even older ones.

These updates are part of the Shield Experience, which is the name Nvidia calls its updates. Although the Android version has not changed, we do receive several news, such as the following:

Nvidia Shield TV review: new design and much more power

  • Content escalation notifications when using GeForce NOW.
  • Added infrared controller to turn projectors on and off.
  • Added infrared control for speakers from Arris, Atyme, BC Acoustique, Dayton, Kora, Monoprice, ONN, Point Source Acoustics, Savant, Sennheiser, SMSL and Tascam.
  • Improved system sound when passing through the DAC or Bluetooth.
  • Added developer options to force HDCP 1.4 compatibility mode.
  • Added infrared control sent by the Shield TV Controller 2019 when we use Alexa skills.
  • 28 bug fixes in image scaling, display, network, accessories, audio, and more.

All the details of the update.

Nvidia Shield TV review: new design and much more power

The latest Nvidia Shield TV available are the 2019 models, models that start from 159 euros in the most basic variant to 219 euros for the Pro variant. If you are looking for the best Android TV available without a budget limit, they are your best options to consider, even superior to the Chromecast with Google TV.

  • Nvidia Shield TV 2019 for 159 euros.
  • Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 for 219 euros.

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