Nine apps that make calls group from the PC, while we are confined at home

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At this time we live in, the virtual contact has become the best alternative to keep talking with friends and family and even to continue with our daily work if we can telework to provide access to contact with other colleagues in the work.

And now is when we discovered applications until now we did not know. Applications that arrive to our hard drives at the recommendation of a well-known and of which you may never before have heard about. Therefore, we will review some of the most popular, to attempt to offer an alternative if in your case you’re still looking for the ideal tool.

Google Hangouts


We started by is perhaps most well-knownto , among other reasons, by reach of the hand of the almighty Google and for be free. A cross-platform tool and website that allows the realization of video calls up to 10 people if using the normal version or 25 if it is the version business.

Although some users do not like that the main image changes depending on who you talk to, this is one of the applications more accessiblebecause to use it enough to have only one Google account. And who doesn’t have a today?

More information | Google Hangouts



The application property of Microsoft, an heir of some features of GroupMe, is another of the options in the market. We can use it both in the form of app cross-platform, as by means of your web client and allows you to make calls to groups with up to 10 people at once or 25, if we only use audio.

Account, as we say, with version for computers, mobile applications and even web version, and has different options for screen sharing, blurring the background to preserve the privacy, or make real-time translations in different languages.

More information | Skype



The new, the application most controversial. With news almost continued regarding privacy and security, lack of security, which seems to offer Zoom, this is the app for fashion to make video calls. With web version and app cross-platform, it offers the possibility to do it for free or spend for a box and take one of their payment plans.

Allows you to make video calls up to 100 participants in your free membership, although, these are limited to 40 minutes, after which there is a need to initiate the call. Allows sharing screen, record the calls, or join from a telephone line in version of the voice.

More information | Zoom

Jitsi Meet


Another application that has caught bellows in these days of confinement is Jitsi. A development that part of a free tool and open source which is also cross-platform, it has apps for Android and for iOS.

With the advantage of not having to create an account, it is widely used in professional environments for integration with Slack. Jitsi Meet allows a number of participants that are depending on the bandwidth of the server, so if you’re using the web version, you will not have the limitations of other services.

More information | Meet.Jit.If

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Could not miss this review of Facebook Messenger. A tool that increasingly, it seems like a snap of Facebook and offers the possibility of make video calls with up to a total of 50 contacts at the same time if you good of that total, only 6 will be able to make video call while the other 44 will have to “settle” with audio only.

Facebook Messenger has versions for mobile application or for those who prefer it, facilitates access through the web version of Messenger. What is good or bad, depending how you look and who you look at, it is accessed by means of a account of Facebook and if you have not, you must create it.

More information | Facebook Messenger

Google Duo

Google Duo

The penultimate of the applications from the list, it has Google as the protagonist, and may not even know that it exists. It is called Google Duo and allows you to make group video calls with up to 8 people.

This is a cross-platform application that has versions for Android, iOS, iPadOS as well as a web version to access from your PC or mac. Allows you to make video calls or audio-only calls, and even provides a way to “work” in the light conditions are poor.

More information | Google Duo



Discord is a free application that allows you to create group video calls with up to 50 users. It may not be so well known, but it is a tool that offers plenty of possibilities. Discord is an application that also has version for desktop and mobile applications.

More information | Discord



Gruveo is an application that stands out from entry by its ease of use, by not requiring pre-registration or creation of account any. There is only that to access the web Gruveocreate the URL for the channel for the meeting together with other participants, and ready. A tool that allows up to 12 participants at once.

Gruveo makes use of the standard WebRTC that is used in video conferencing, which means that does not require the installation of plug-ins or applications.

More information | Gruveo



Who has not used WhatsApp these days to make a video call? Because in addition to the application, now owned by Facebook, allows you to make group video calls and to do so is very simple after the latest improvements that has been added.

One of the instant messaging applications most used in the worldhas the handicap of allow video calls only with the version of the app for mobile, because the web version or the app for your computer, do not allow this option… for now. Okay, this does not allow you make video calls from your computer, but does not include WhatsApp, one of the apps most used, it could be a mortal sin.

More information | WhatsApp

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Nine apps that make calls group from the PC, while we are confined at home

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