Night mode and HDR reach cheap mobiles with Camera Go

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Night mode and HDR reach cheap mobiles with Camera Go

Although mobile phones with Android Go are not very common in Spain, as they are designed for countries with developing economies, it is good news that Google has officially released an update to its camera application.

This application is the one that best squeezes the hardware of these terminals, which usually have quite tight specifications, especially to be able to offer low prices.

Camera Go updates with night mode and HDR

Night mode and HDR reach cheap mobiles with Camera Go

The camera app of these mobiles, based on the Google camera app, has been updated to include two more functions typical of more expensive models. The same thing that happened a few weeks ago with portrait mode.

On the one hand we have the night mode, that allows you to take photos in low light conditions and that the screen does not appear almost black. This feature began to be used not many years ago in the high range and now it reaches the lowest.

In addition, a mode will also be implemented at the end of years HDR that allows you to obtain more realistic photographs, joining different shots with high and low exposure to combine them into one, all quickly.

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The first mobiles to get the update of the Camera Go application from the Play Store will be the Wiko Y61, Wiko Y81 and Nokia 1.3, some of the latest models with Android Go. Hopefully this update reaches other terminals with this operating system because, contrary to what happens with normal versions of Android, here there is not so much fragmentation in the hardware.

The entry Night mode and HDR come to cheap phones with Camera Go appears first in The Free Android.