New Telegram 6.0: the best update of your story

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Table of Contents

New Telegram 6.0: the best update of your story 1

If you do not have the scope and repercussion in the media of WhatsApp, Telegram has been highlighted in recent years by being the messaging app that most innovation in their features, although some take longer to come than others.

The tabs they were one of the most requested features by users of Telegram, and the reason why many opt for third-party clients such as Plus Messenger. Telegram has finally added this feature in version 6.0, among many others.

Telegram 6.0 comes with tabs and more

The tabs are a very useful feature to have well classified all of our communications. If you use Telegram for work, university, personal communications, and as a source of information surely you can think of as to many of us, and that is that all the communications are mixed up in a popurri.

Telegram has called this function as folders, and will appear when we have a high volume of chats (although you can activate the feature manually via this link). With folders you can sort your chats by subject and have that order that you’ve always wanted in the official client.

New Telegram 6.0: the best update of your story 2

The folders will be out of sync on all your devices, so it will appear both in the version of Android, iOS and PC, as well as each change you want to make.

On the other hand, the chats are archived will be more accessible.

And the number of chats that can be set in the beginning of the application increases your limit of 3 to infinity. Also does not have too much sense to get to fix all the chats, but it is true that the limit of 3 was too small.

An important improvement for the owners of channels large with the statistics of the channel. This function will only be accessible to the owners of a channel with more than 1000 users and allows them to track the performance of each publication.

Finally, we also find ourselves with new animations, voice messages and video, new stickers and animated an extra function. When you send the emoji of a die will appear as a sticker animated, simulating a throw of dice 6-sided.

The application has begun its deployment recently, so it is possible that if you are going to upgrade in the Google Play Store is not yet available (although it should be even in the next few hours).

New Telegram 6.0: the best update of your story 3


The New input Telegram 6.0: the best update of your story appears first in Android Free.