New season with circuit in Berlin

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Table of Contents

The Mario Kart for mobile, Mario Kart Tour, has just received a new season that introduces a new circuit: the berlin tour. The truth is that it is not usual for this Mario Kart to receive new circuits: this is the seventh new circuit it has received since its launch in 2019.

Mario Kart Tour

Date and duration of the ‘Berlin Tour’

After saying goodbye to 2020 and having welcomed the new year with the thirty-fourth event of Mario Kart Tour, it is time to embark on a new adventure, which this time will be related to a trip to the capital of Germany. As always, each Mario Kart event for its Android version will last two weeks, as has happened in the previous 34 events.

This current event, which is called Berlin season, will accompany us from today, Wednesday January 13, until the next day 27 of the same month. Despite how little we are in 2021, the developers of Mario Kart Tour have already had time to launch other events in the Nintendo racing game. Just before the end of 2020, an event that received the name of New Year Season 2021, and that lasted from Wednesday, December 30 to January 13.

More details of the new season in Mario Kart Tour

As we have mentioned before, if it is not usual for this Mario Kart to receive new circuits, it is even less common to see Luigi, Mario’s brother, dressed in Lederhose, the leather pants with suspenders typical of the Bavarian region in Germany, Austria and the Alps. Therefore, in terms of character level, this season we can mainly enjoy Luigi in its form of Tyrolean, in addition to other characters dressed for the occasion.

However, the central attraction of the season is undoubtedly a new circuit where we can go full speed with our favorite vehicles and characters. Each event covers a city anywhere in the world, although this time it was time to arrive in Germany. The Berlin circuit will be present at the cups this season. Berlin is the seventh royal city to appear on Mario Kart Tour. Before we have traveled to New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

berlin circuit new season

On the other hand, we will also have the opportunity to collect new vehicles and wings who have arrived for the occasion, like the Salchichólido and the Penguin mobile, or the Butterfly Wing and the Pingüi spoiler, among others, and we can complete new challenges that will allow us to collect different rewards after overcoming them.

We cannot forget the prizes and rewards for the arrival of the new season. In this way, you can get max stars by trying to beat all the cups. In addition, the event will take place every Tuesday and Saturday this season »coins everywhere ». This time around, seasonal awards include Rubies and Baby Mario. In addition, those who subscribe to the golden pass will also be able to get the Sky Scratch Wing.