New Samsung Free UI replaces Samsung Daily in One UI 3

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Google has in Discover one of its applications, or services, with the most impact on our daily lives. The possibility of having news that interests us and a search engine just a gesture away makes it one of the main ways to inform us from the mobile in countries like Spain.

Many firms have chosen to implement it, such as Nokia or Motorola, and others have decided to do so despite the fact that at the time they chose to remove it, such as Xiaomi or OPPO.

One of those that still resists and offers an alternative proposal is Samsung, which has something similar in Samsung Daily, although not as successful. Now you are going to replace it with Samsung Free UI.

Samsugn Daily becomes Samsung Free UI

Samsung is in the midst of testing its version 3 of One UI, which will use Android 11. This update will reach several of its terminals in a few weeks and over the next year we will see it in more models, both new and old. .

One of the differences in this version is that it suppresses Samsung Daily in favor of a new news section called Samsung Free UI.

As we see in the video shared by a user on Twitter, this section has three columns. In the first we have a list of videos, news of interest in multimedia format. In the second we have the feed news, more similar to what is Discover. In the last we have games Simple to enjoy without having to install anything or exit the application.

It remains to be seen if Samsung manages to retain users in this section or if, as happened with Samsung Daily, in the end most buyers of a Samsung simply disabled the page in the mobile settings.

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