New Mi Box 4S Pro: Xiaomi’s first cheap Android TV ready for 8K

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One of the cheapest options in Spain to turn your television into an Android TV are the Xiaomi Mi Box and Mi TV Stick. These devices are similar in concept to Amazon’s Fire Sticks, and it is that they allow us to convert a traditional television into a smart TV by simply connecting the device to the television, and the Mi Box 4S Pro is the last to arrive in the Xiaomi catalog. .

The great novelty of this device is that it is the first device of the company to bet on support for 8K televisions. Does this product really make sense?

The new Mi Box 4S Pro, now compatible with 8K

After presenting the Mi Box 4S in China a few days ago, today we know the most advanced version of this model. Its name is Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro, and the main novelty behind the Pro surname hides a main advantage, which is the support for 8K televisions. It is not exactly Xiaomi’s first Android 8K TV, but if we count that its television costs 6,300 euros, perhaps we can take a license.

Makes sense? Well, it is quite likely not too much. The most common purpose with this type of device is to convert your basic television into a smart TV, but in the remote case that you already have an 8K television at home, you probably already have your own smart TV system. It has the customization layer of MIUI for Android TV, being the only real added value that it can bring to an 8K television.

New Mi Box 4S Pro: Xiaomi's first cheap Android TV ready for 8K 1

If the Mi Box 4S cost 289 yuan, this jumps to 399, which is about 51 euros to change. In technical characteristics we see a change in storage that makes the jump to 16 GB and HDMI 2.1 for 8K video playback. It is the best Mi Box available today, but the video support does not translate into a noticeable increase, for example, in CPU. So if what you are looking for is an Android TV that is powerful today, the Nvidia Shield is still better for you, even if “it’s only 4K.”

As of today we do not have a price or availability in Spain, but we will inform you when we have more information.

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