New LG Wing: LG’s most ambitious mobile ever created

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LG is one of the companies that has historically surprised us the most in the mobile market. In previous years we have seen very daring bets on mobile phones that arrived in Spain with designs that sought the maximum percentage of screen, modular smartphones, double cameras with an ultra-wide-angle sensor or phones with two screens.

The South Korean company sometimes proves ahead of its time, while other experiments end up being forgotten. Be that as it may, LG shows courage and engineering once again with a mobile that does not leave us indifferent at all, the LG Wing.

New LG Wing, LG’s most ambitious mobile

If last year we saw how LG bet on mobile phones with two screens with models like the LG G8X, this year they have decided to take this concept much further in what seems to be an intermediate point and much more sophisticated.

New LG Wing: LG's most ambitious mobile ever created 1

In previous LG models, the second screen was an accessory, and even if it was included in the sales package, you had to carry a large package. In this new generation, the LG mobile has the solution included and integrated, which makes this mobile the second screen if it can offer an experience for day to day.

New LG Wing: LG's most ambitious mobile ever created 2

And what can this type of double screen be used for? LG has shown a series of initial proposals of things that we can do with the LG Wing, being able to use the second screen for the phone application while in the main one we have the maps or have access to the multimedia controls while in the main panel we see a series or movie.

New LG Wing: LG's most ambitious mobile ever created 3

Another function that is amazing is the use of dual applications, being able to include the application you want on each of the two screens, something that gives it a lot of potential.

On a personal level, a use case that would be a pass for this LG Wing would be the possibility of using this small screen to include the buttons that mobile games usually have, but without occupying the game screen. It also has great potential for photo and video camera applications.

New LG Wing: LG's most ambitious mobile ever created 4

In terms of performance, the LG Wing has the Snapdragon 765G processor, a medium-high-end chip, accompanied by a standard memory configuration in the highest range and a triple rear camera configuration in a module that reminds us of that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in design.

Another remarkable aspect in the design of the terminal is its front screen. Beyond its particular mechanism, we find a front almost entirely occupied by the screen, tiny and apparently symmetrical frames. The surprising thing is that there is nonotch, nor any type of cutout for the front camera.

Price and availability:

The LG Wing was announced today in view of being available for the holiday season. At this time we do not know the date of availability and price for the Spanish market, but we will update as soon as we have all the data.


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