New Google Maps feed in its last update

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Table of Contents

It is a new way of discovering everything that is happening around us. The application for mobile devices will activate a new feed or wall that will show us useful publications. However, we are talking about an update, so it contains more news of interest.

Maps - Navigation and public transport

The new Google Maps feed

East feed created by Google Maps and powered by its community of users and businesses adapts to our interests and tastes. We can find out if they have added a new dish in our favorite restaurant or discover new routes for hiking. In addition, we can give “I like” to the publications, but not reply, as shown in the images we add.

feed google maps update

The new feed Google Maps will appear in the tab To explore to show us updates, recommendations and opinions from local and reliable sources related to the location we are currently viewing. From there, we just have to drag that tab up, which occupies the entire screen and shows all the reviews that users reflect on the sites. In this way, the new feed It allows us to be connected in a better way not only with places, but with the people around us wherever we go.

On the other hand, although it is still in beta phase, Google Maps is improving elements such as the integration of shared trips, the signaling of pedestrian crossings or building numbers. The idea of ​​the developers is to improve the interface when visiting unknown places that we do not usually frequent, thus calibrating the address in a more accurate way. However, both building numbers such as crosswalks, we can find them already in

Google Maps also thinks about businesses

We already see that the feed It can be a good tool to connect all users, but Google wants to go further. The pandemic by COVID-19 It has weakened the vast majority of businesses, companies and all kinds of small businesses worldwide. It is very important that potential clients are more connected than ever with these economic entities.

messages companies google maps update

For this reason, Google has enhanced its messaging service for companies, so that they can communicate with customers in a simple, effective way and that can overcome movement restrictions. Until now, verified companies who activated the messages in their message card, they had to use the web or Google My Business application to be able to receive and reply to the messages.

This changes radically, since companies can already chat directly with your customers from the Google Maps application. In the “News” → “Messages” tab we have access to both personal messages and messages with a company.