New data from the Galaxy S21: dates, gifts and more

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On January 14, Samsung will present its new phones. Will be the Samsung Galaxy S21, something that although it has not been officially confirmed by the company, it is taken for granted given the huge amount of leaked data.

Just six days after the official presentation we have new data on these phones in hand. We are not referring to the design or specifications since all this had already been leaked, but to aspects related to its sale.

Galaxy S21: date of sale, gifts …

New data from the Galaxy S21: dates, gifts and more 1

The Samsung Galaxy S21 will be presented on the 14th, we already knew that, but now we also know that it will be half a month later, on January 29, when they go on sale. With the permission of the Xiaomi Mi 11, this triad of terminals will inaugurate the high-end launches of 2021.

Along with this information we know that there will be gifts for those who buy these models soon. It has not yet been specified in which markets this promotion will take place and but we do know what gifts there will be with each model.

Galaxy S21

The reservations of the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + will include a free Smart Tag and Galaxy Buds Live. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will include another Smart Tag and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the new headphones. These peculiar files would allow us to locate elements in which we save them using the mobile.

It is speculated that a SPen could also be given as a gift, now that it is compatible with the Galaxy S.

Hopefully this strategy is applied in Spain when the three mobiles are put on sale.

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