Netflix reinvents itself: prepares an exclusive audio mode

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Netflix is ​​the best known streaming service in Spain, which even allows us to enjoy certain free content on our mobile. These past months, a multitude of new features have been introduced to the streaming platform. Some of these new features were meant to change the way we consume series and movies.

A revolution is coming on Netflix, as the streaming platform is working in an exclusive mode for audio. In other words, a mode would be introduced that would allow only the audio of the contents to be played in it, to have that background audio on the phone.

An audio-only mode on Netflix

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It has been in version 7.79.1 of Netflix where indications for the arrival of this audio mode have been discovered. This mode in the application will allow the video to stop, but the audio will continue to play, so that you will continue listening to that series or movie you were watching, only now you only listen to it.

Thanks to this mode, you will be listening to your series as if they were podcasts, so that you will be able to perform other tasks at the same time. It’s ideal for those times when you can’t look at the screen but want to keep listening to that show or have background noise while you work. It is also presented as an option when you have little mobile data, since this mode will consume less data, having only the audio activated.

This mode for audio only comes across as a major change on Netflix. It seems that it will be a function that will be able to be activated when it comes to playing content on Android on the platform, so that each user decides when they want to use it in their account.

For the moment it is unknown when it will be introduced this audio mode in the app. The first signs of this mode have been seen in the application, but not much else is known about it. Surely in a few weeks we will know more about your arrival at it.

Netflix reinvents itself: prepares an exclusive audio mode 1


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