Netflix for Android lets you lock the screen to avoid splashes

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The streaming video has become one of the most common ways of watching series and movies. Can be used in computers and televisions, but also on mobile devices. The biggest difference between the first and the second is that having a touch screen is easy that while we are watching a series or movie on our phone, we use accidently the screen and the controls appear. Or even that we will move unintentionally by the timeline, something quite annoying.

That is why Netflix has updated their application for Android phones to be able to lock the touch screen when we are watching any type of content.

How to lock the screen on Netflix for Android

To use this function, we just have to update the app from the Google Play Store, and see as in the playback interface main, when we are watching a video, appears a new button in the bottom left.

If you press it will lock the touch screen and when you touch on the same not see the playback controls, but a new icon will ask if you want to unlock the screen. In the case that you want we will only have to press two times on top of the closed lock.

Netflix for Android lets you lock the screen to avoid splashes 1

This new feature does not prevent that we can exit the application by pressing a button physically or by performing a gesture in the Android interface. In the case that we want to avoid that we have to use the built-in function within the system call set screen.

The new feature seems more designed to use the mobile with Netflix in the bed to give us extra security, but either way, it is welcome.

Netflix for Android lets you lock the screen to avoid splashes 2


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