Nest thermostats can now be fully controlled from Google Home

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When Google bought Nest, many expected an explosion of possibilities given the fame of the company’s thermostats, although in Spain they did not have much presence. They arrived later. Although we have seen new devices, the reality is that this division has not become a heavyweight within Google, and the app that controls the thermostats is beginning to lose relevance.

Controlling the Nest from Google Home

Nest thermostats can now be controlled from the Google Home app

The latest update (version 2.30) of the Google home automation application, Google Home, has obtained a new function that allows you to control the company’s new devices without using the Nest app.

This implies that it improves the integration with the Android 11 power menu, which integrates the home automation controls.

Until now this application was necessary to change the air conditioning parameters of our home from the mobile but with the new Google Home interface we can do it from there. To be fair, you could change the temperature, but now we can control much more, from creating profiles based on what we are doing to controlling the energy consumption of the devices.

The latter will give us a very useful perspective on how to improve consumption by reducing the hours of use or the temperature at which we set it.

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Finally, we can schedule a reminder to know when we have to change the air filters of our appliances.

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