Must-play games in PcComponentes for this summer

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Table of Contents

It was the summer! Time soaks, bikini, naps, bbq, and video games. Between the beach and the pool, the smell of sunscreen, the reeds and the fresh salads are sure that you have time to enjoy all those PC games that for one reason or another still haven’t been able to touch. Here’s the list with the that you cannot afford to miss and available in PcComponentes, so that you don’t even have to approach the store if you purchase online. Imagine the scenario: now, with feet full of sand, and the seams of the swimsuit making a dent in your English, going for walks by the store…

Games ideal for the summer

Here is a selection of games today, with discounts, of proven quality and without which it does not deserve to be considered a real playful. We have to come to us to remind you that your life is incomplete without them…

Red Dead Redemption 2

It was one of the greatest releases of Rockstar Games from the past few years and continues on the crest since then. It is an open world game where we can in the skin of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw of the period end of the Wild West to flee from the forces of the law and the bounty hunters looking for his head. Morgan will have to face those who persecute you, but also to their peers in the band, gang and criminal rivals, detective agencies, and many other characters and clans divided between being loyal to the group or seek their individual freedom. All the action takes place in a fictional united States, a map that expands the first part of the saga reaching even Mexico.

A film of the west turned into a video game, with the classic structure of GTA and that has quickly become an essential on all the platforms available, this is the perfect chance to get with him and also enjoy the online mode multiplayer.


Summer is a time to be with friends, and nothing better than the multiplayer options to be able to collaborate or compete with each other. Perhaps among all the multiplayer games FIFA 20 is the great star, as long as you like football. The latest edition brings the obvious improvements in graphics and update the templates to include the past movements of players and teams. But is that in addition to that there is a new game mode called Volta replacing the known as The Way Alex Hunter, and that basically is the return of FIFA street soccer, allowing you to play games in the streets of several cities.

Van Dijk LiverpoolVan Dijk Liverpool

In addition there are a number of novelties in gameplay, where it has reformulated the launch system of faults, have been added dribbling and options to steal the ball or has improved the AI of the characters, for that teammates to do something more than look to pass to the contrary and are really useful in defense. There are also upgrades in FIFA Ultimate Team, in the customization options or in the management of templates. The most comprehensive edition.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is another open world game created by Kojima Productions, a name practically says it all about his quality. It belongs to the genre of action and exploration, in this case set in an apocalyptic world and dystopian where the living and the dead coexist after a mysterious event known as Death Stranding to take place. Our character will begin with the mission of reconnecting the cities to the old-fashioned way, on foot after the debacle, but little by little we will discover our own story according to the decisions we make and the events we attend. A journey where exploration is everything.

Kojima has devised a unique universe, a plot that requires our full attention and that you will be excited at every step. Perhaps many do not see more than a trip linear from one point to another, but the rest you will find a sandbox different with a new concepta plot very elaborate and the unmistakable style of the author of classics such as Metal Gear Solid. Available on PC in a couple of weeks, you can already access the pre-sale.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Electronic Arts published at the end of 2019 a new game based in the Star Wars universe, and the result was spectacular. It is another of the titles that you can find in the discounts of Pcdaysbeing the perfect opportunity to enjoy your story. We are dealing with a game of action and adventures in first-person, which takes as a reference the Episode III, revenge of The Sith and Episode IV: A new hope. You’ll have to drive to Cal Kestis, one of the last survivors after the purges suffered by the jedi, and your mission will be to reestablish the Order.

Capture of the last Star WarsCapture of the last Star Wars

On your journey you’ll need to visit planets and explore their territory, battling all kinds of beasts and troops of the Empire that will stand your change, to know new characters that will help you on your adventure and especially enjoy the handling of the lightsaber and the force.

4 unique games that you can not miss, with scores and assessments of the critical outstanding and now available from home and with discounts and promotions. Don’t pass up the chance to get the that you are missing and what you want most, get in the shade.