Motorola also boasts futuristic wireless charging

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Motorola is one of the mobile companies with the longest history in Spain, and despite the fact that in recent years it has remained relegated to the mid-range, little by little it is returning to the top. Like Xiaomi with its Mi Air technology, it also works on a long-distance wireless charging model, being able to charge the mobile at a distance of up to one meter.

Wireless charging has been present in mobile phones for many years, but it is usually limited to leaving our mobile on a base. Next-generation charging mobiles seem likely to solve this problem, and it’s Motorola has shown how its futuristic wireless charging technology works.

Motorola boasts wireless charging from a meter away

A few hours ago Xiaomi surprised us with its first presentation of a wireless charging technology that seems science fiction, although it seems that it is not the only company that works in this type of technology, and it is that a Motorola executive has decided to show that they too they work on a similar technology with a home video inside their labs.

In this video they show a kind of antenna with the name of Motorola One Hyper (yes, the same name they already used with a phone) and two mobile prototypes that appear to be a Motorola Edge modified to support this technology. As shown in the video, they are capable of charging the mobile at distances between 80 centimeters and one meter.

Currently we do not know the charging speed that this technology would have (for example, Xiaomi has been cautious indicating that it charges at 5 W) although this time it seems to have more technical limitations, as it is a technology that we can block by putting our hand between the mobile and the charging dock, plus the limited range, inconvenience that could be your biggest challenge.

The entry Motorola also boasts of futuristic wireless charging appears first in The Free Android.