Mobile phones with EMUI 11 will be able to upgrade to Harmony OS

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Table of Contents

Harmony OS

Yesterday was an important day for Huawei, which left us with two presentations. The brand made EMUI 11 official, the new version of its interface that will reach its phones and tablets in Spain. Also, also featured Harmony OS 2.0, the new version of its operating system, which is gradually becoming an alternative to Android.

It has long been rumored that the brand to launch phones with Harmony OS as operating system soon, something that is expected now for the beginning of 2021. In addition, the brand seeks to make the transition to the new operating system as simple as possible with the new decision they have made, which affects phones with EMUI 11.

Transition from EMUI 11 to Harmony OS

EMUI 11 featured

The brand confirmed yesterday the phones that would have access to EMUI 11, whose first beta is already being deployed. Huawei now also confirms that these devices that use the new version of its interface will be able to access the Harmony OS upgrade in the future. Therefore, this transition between these two systems would be facilitated.

What is not known at the moment is if this update to Harmony OS it is something that will be made available to all phones that use EMUI 11 or if certain phones will be able to update. Nor is it known if it will be optional or if the brand seeks to make it mandatory to update. Although it is clear that Huawei seeks to boost its operating system among its phones.

While surely It will not be until 2021 when this becomes a reality. It is not expected that it will be until next year when the first phone of the brand arrives using its own operating system. That may be when they prepare to release the update for those phones that use EMUI 11 as an interface.

Little by little we can see how Huawei is moving away from Android and the arrival of Harmony OS is becoming a reality. Although we will have to wait for a brand phone to arrive first using this operating system, to see if we are really facing an alternative to Android.

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