MIUI 12 will the first phone Xiaomi next week

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MIUI 12 will be the next version of the personalization layer phones Xiaomi, which will occur next week, April 27th to be more precise. This new version of the layer we are going to leave you with a series of innovations, in the form of new functions. Some of them have been able to learn already, because the brand itself has shared details, like the new dark mode.

Even before your presentation, you already know what are going to be the phones Xiaomi you are going to have access to the update to MIUI 12, thanks to a list recently published. What no one knew was when they were going to start the updates, but it seems that the brand is not going to waste time in this sense.

MIUI 12 will be launched on the 27th of April

MIUI 12 will the first phone Xiaomi next week 1

Has been Zhang Guoquan, responsible for software Xiaomi, who has confirmed when will MIUI 12, official way, the answer to the question from a user who wanted to know if the update was going to launch on the day of your presentation, something that the own Zhang Guoquan confirmed. It is usual that the brand wait a few weeks before the launch of the update to their phones once you have submitted your layer. With this new version are going to change your strategy in a clear way.

Unlike other occasions, there will be too much to expect. Will be the 27 of Aprilthe date in which it is presented in an official way, when the first phones Xiaomi get the update officially. For now it is not known what will be the first phones of the brand upgrade, although it is probably its high-end most recent, the Xiaomi Mi 10.

The first update to MIUI 12 will be phones in China, so surely the users in Europe are going to have to wait a little longer until you have access to the update. It may be that outside of China the timelines for the release of the update is maintained without too many changes compared to the past, but that in the asian country is going to launch this new version of the layer more quickly.

MIUI 12 will the first phone Xiaomi next week 2

On the 27th of April we will leave doubts and we can see what are the first phones to update to MIUI 12. You may know also the dates for its launch in Europe. In addition, we will know all the news this layer of customization, though some of them are already known.

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