MIUI 12 changes its multitasking: now in landscape format

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Manufacturers that use Android as an operating system have a great advantage for this given the enormous compatibility with millions of applications. In Spain the market share of this system compared to others is overwhelming.

However, the fact that hundreds of companies use the same software forces them to look for ways to differentiate themselves. One of them is to create a UI or graphical interface on top of Android, something that the most famous brands do.

Huawei has EMUI, OPPO has Color OS, Samsung has One UI, and Xiaomi has MIUI. The latter, the Xiaomi layer, is one of the ones that modifies the system the most, something that is clearly seen in the management of its multitasking.

MIUI 12 allows you to configure multitasking

MIUI 12 changes its multitasking: now in landscape format

In most layers multitasking is displayed in the same way as it appears in Android Stock, that is, on cards aligned from left to right in a horizontal carousel.

However, in MIUI they appear as cards in two columns with a vertical scrolling movement. This seems to be going to change in one of the new MIUI 12 updates, which will allow you to choose between both options.

MIUI 12 changes its multitasking: now in landscape format

For this we must go to the settings on the home screen and select the option to organize items in the recent tab. There we can choose between the classic MIUI 12 appearance or the classic Android stock.

Regardless of which one we choose, we can continue blocking an app in the background, entering its settings or putting it in multi-window simply by pressing and holding the card that shows it.

This novelty is already available in the trial version of the MIUI launcher v4.21.0.2425-10261728 that you can test with this APK, although there is no guarantee that it will work on all Xiaomi with MIUI 12. For that we will have to wait for it to be implement in a stable version of the interface.

The MIUI 12 entry changes its multitasking: now in landscape format it appears first in The Free Android.