MIUI 12.1 keeps getting better: all the news of the Xiaomi layer

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Table of Contents

MIUI 12.1 is the new version of the interface of Xiaomi phones, an updated version of MIUI 12, which began to arrive on Xiaomi and Redmi phones in Spain this spring. A couple of weeks ago, this new version of the interface began to be deployed, with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro being the first to have access to its news.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro will not be the only one to enjoy MIUI 12.1, whose global rollout begins now. A number of new features are made official in this version of the customization layer: a new gaming mode, the improved control center and a desktop mode for the brand’s phones.

Three new functions

MIUI 12.1

Game Tuner is one of the great novelties that Xiaomi introduces in MIUI 12.1. It is a gaming mode, with a series of new settings that have been developed in collaboration with Qualcomm, designed to be able to configure parameters of the processor GPU. This will allow you to get better performance when playing. Functions such as adjusting the screen resolution, limiting the fps or adjusting the Anti-aliasing will be possible in this function, although it is limited to high-end phones, with Snapdragon 865 or higher.

The control center improves in this new version of the layer, something that was previously announced, but now we know what those improvements are. As the Mi Home ecosystem is integrated into the control center interface, so that it is easier to access those smart devices that we have connected. In addition, a series of new adjustments arrive in this control center, as well as the dark mode, which will be more customizable in this case.

MIUI 12.1 New control center

The other great novelty that we find in MIUI 12.1 is Screen Combo, which has already been launched in China. This function brings desktop mode closer to phones Xiaomi finally. Thanks to this mode, it is possible to view several applications at the same time on an external screen, thus obtaining real multitasking. Plus, it makes it easy to transfer or open files on your phone through apps in Windows.

Other news in MIUI 12.1

Along with these three functions that we have mentioned, the new version of Xiaomi interface introduces more changes, of which we already spoke to you when the update for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro was launched a couple of weeks ago. The other novelties that are expected in this interface are:

  • Super Wallpaper improves (two new wallpapers and lock time is improved).
  • New multitasking.
  • New filters for the camera and gallery.
  • The ability to change the gallery album layout is added.
  • Second Space: support for split screen, dark mode and new fonts added.
  • Xiaomi Health gets the blood pressure measurement function.
  • Image option is removed after sharing via screenshot.
  • New design for the main screen style selection menu.
  • New 3D animations in Control Center.
  • LHDCV V3 codec support.
  • Improved screen rotation animations.
  • New animation styles for loading on the lock screen.
  • Updated Open GL and Vulkan drivers.
  • July 2020 security patch.
  • Improved notifications when scrolling down.
  • New options to modify Quick Ball activation areas.
  • New options in video playback.

The MIUI 12.1 entry keeps getting better: all the news of the Xiaomi layer appears first in The Free Android.