Microsoft’s scanner app is renamed and is now more advanced than ever

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In Spain, the last few months have helped many people to better understand the capabilities of their mobiles. Your phone’s camera does much more than just taking photos, and suddenly features like video calling have grown in popularity. The ability to scan documents with the mobile camera is another tool that has become extremely useful.

Among the many options for scanning documents, Office Lens has established itself as one of the best alternatives for scanning documents. Not satisfied with it, Microsoft has decided to update its application to the beast to add new and useful functions.

Office Lens is now called Microsoft Lens and it’s more powerful than ever

Office Lens is one of the best scanner apps for Android, but it looks like the app is going to go through a time of change. The company has decided to rename this application under the name of Microsoft Lens to imply that it is not part of the Office suite and that it is suitable for any user.

With this name change, however, the application receives new smart functions, and the scanner has a new mode calledActions. Once we select this mode, we will have new scanning tools within the application, which are:

Microsoft's scanner app is renamed and is now more advanced than ever 1

  • Text: The camera is able to recognize the scanned text to copy it to the clipboard or share it in any Android application.
  • Table: Scans a table and saves it in text format.
  • Read:It analyzes the scanned text and is able to read it aloud, being able to choose the reading speed at which we want it.
  • Contact card:Scan a contact card.
  • QR code:Read a QR code.

In addition to these new features, Office now has the ability to reorder PDF pages, re-edit scanned PDFs, apply filters to all pages at once, and create PDFs of up to 100 pages. File saving is also clearer, being able to choose between local and cloud saving with ease.

Microsoft Lens is coming first to Android and will also come to iOS in the coming months. Currently the version available in the Play Store is being updated and it is most possible that up to a few hours if you install it from the store you will end up receiving the previous version without the new features. However, if you feel like trying these features now, you can download the latest version of Microsoft Lens from APKMirror.

Microsoft's scanner app is renamed and is now more advanced than ever 2

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