Microsoft Launcher updates with dark mode, icons and customizable more

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Table of Contents

Microsoft Launcher

After the launch of the various betas, the current stable version number 6.0 of the Microsoft Launcher is a reality and you can download it already in Spain. This new version of the popular launcher leaves us with a number of new features, some of which they had been anticipating these past few weeks, thanks to the betas that has been, until now.

What are the new features we find in this new version? Microsoft Launcher leaves us, among others, with a new dark mode, a news feed revamped, in addition to the horizontal mode, and we have also new icons customizable. Functions that allow a better use of this launcher in Android.

New features in Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher landscape mode

The dark mode is not something new in Microsoft Launcher, but in this case we are left with a dark mode that is compatible with your own system. So it will integrate better on the phone. The new news feed will allow that we are always abreast on what is happening in the world of a convenient way, right from the launcher.

Another of the main novelties, which already could be seen in the previous betas, is the introduction of landscape mode (landscape mode). Thanks at the same you can use this launcher with the phone in landscape, which for many is more comfortable. The personalization remains something of significance in the launcher, so we are now the icons are customizable in the same. In addition, there are new wallpapers.

Microsoft Launcher is also more efficient in this new version. It has been achieved that the launcher go to work faster on the phones, charging more quickly. It’s also going to consume less memory and less battery power in the device, two aspects where he needed to go to improve and that is true now. The animations are also more fluid, for a better use experience.

Microsoft Launcher updates with dark mode, icons and customizable more 1

The new version of this launcher you can download in the Play Store. If you have this launcher installed in your Android mobile, you can update now and have this way access to the new functions of the same.

Microsoft Launcher updates with dark mode, icons and customizable more 2

The entry Microsoft Launcher updates with dark mode, icons are customizable and more first appears in The Android Free.