Microsoft Edge turns out to be the best option to highlight and annotate PDF free in Windows 10

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From that Microsoft Edge pass EdgeHTML Chromium, many are the new features that the browser has been receiving, and more are coming in the next few months, and more will in the next two months, as the vertical tabs. However, the above Microsoft Edge already had things that they were doing better than its competitors, and that the new lost. Little by little, these functions are recovering, as we will see.

The most outstanding one, that now comes to the stable version of the Microsoft Edge Chromium, is the possibility of record directly to edit PDF files. The old Edge had this feature since its inception in Windows 10, but the new one has had to wait a few months. It is important because by default, unlike to what happens with macOS and Preview, the Microsoft system does not have a PDF reader dedicated that allow easy editing.

What we can do and what not to do with the editing of PDFs of the Microsoft Edge


The function of edit PDF not only comes to Windows 10, but also macOS and previous versions of the system of the Redmond. What that allows is that let us open a PDF and let us note manually the file. That is to say, we can write by hand with the mouse, highlight (if it is that we are able to the lines we go out straight). Obviously, if we have a computer with a touch screen that supports Stylus, the annotation will be much more accurate. At the time of scoring, we have the option of choosing color.

If the PDF has text recognized as text, also we will be able to highlight, or as it is officially called Microsoft, “highlight”. Also in this case we can choose with which colour we want to enhance the text that we are reviewing. It is important to add that both it and the annotation are changes on the document that can be saved, and that will then be visible in any application that can open PDF. It is also possible to rotate the pages in the document.

Microsoft Edge begins to have strong arguments against Chrome

In terms of what we can miss in the PDF editor Microsoft Edge, I would say that the highlight is the possibility to add written text to the PDF. While Edge fits well in official documents as this of the Board of Andalusia, which has the checkboxes enabled to do so, it allows you to write on any other type of document. Preview in macOS, by to mention something integrated and free, yes it has that option.

It is something that the students can be used in, for example, activity books, languages where there is only enter a word in the spaces. In the same way, I don’t see that Edge has a feature to sign PDF with a digitized signature previouslysomething really useful when dealing with invoices and contracts. Let’s hope that Microsoft continue to bring to the Edge functions of issues that usually are presumed for more advanced editors, but they really are basic and you can expect publishers (and readers) are free.

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Microsoft Edge turns out to be the best option to highlight and annotate PDF free in Windows 10

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Microsoft Edge turns out to be the best option to highlight and annotate PDF free in Windows 10 1