Messages that self-destruct reach WhatsApp: this is how they are activated

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This week it was announced that messages that destroy themselves reached WhatsApp, although they had not yet been officially announced by the application. That moment has now come: the messages that self-destruct are now official in the most popular messaging application in Spain. A function that will have great importance in the application.

This function is launched under the name Temporary messages and it will allow you to automatically delete messages from a WhatsApp chat after seven days. You will only have to activate this option in a specific chat, so that they are deleted automatically.

This is how Temporary Messages are on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Temporary Messages

Instead of having to delete the messages of a specific chat from the application manually, this temporary messages feature will allow users to messages sent in any conversation disappear after 7 days. According to WhatsApp, this measure helps conversations feel more private, as well as lighter, since by deleting those messages, less space is taken up, an option that comes days after the new storage manager.

This is a function that is you will be able to use in any chat that you have in the application. In individual conversations, either of the two people will be able to activate it without any problem. In the case of group conversations, only administrators will be able to activate these Temporary Messages. In order to activate this option, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Enter the chat in question.
  3. Tap on the other person’s name.
  4. Go to Temporary Messages.
  5. Activate this option.

This new function will allow you to have more private conversations, by eliminating all the messages you have sent after 7 days. The new Temporary Messages begin their deployment now, but it will be throughout this month of November when all the users of the application will be able to enjoy them. Maybe if you enter, they will not come out yet, but these weeks will be official for all users on Android and iOS.

Messages that self-destruct reach WhatsApp: this is how they are activated 1


The entrance Messages that self-destruct reach WhatsApp: this is how they are activated, it appears first in The Free Android.