MediaTek Dimensity 700: a 5G processor for the most modest mid-range

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MediaTek’s range of Dimensity processors has been growing for several months with new models, such as Dimensity 800 and 820. These processors have been seen in phones that are launched in Spain. MediaTek leaves us today with a new processor within this range, the Dimensity 700, a new chip with 5G connectivity.

This new MediaTek Dimensity 700 follows the line of this range, being a new mid-range model with 5G connectivity. It is aimed at a more modest mid-range, since this chip is the simplest that the brand leaves us in this family, especially compared to the 800 and 820.

A new mid-range processor

MediaTek Dimensity 700 features

This MediaTek Dimensity 700 has been manufactured in a 7nm process and like the Dimensity 800, it has support for two SIM cards with 5G coverage simultaneously. It is one of the great novelties in this processor of the brand. In addition, it leaves us with support for screens with Full HD + resolution and with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, so you can enjoy games without interruptions.

This processor comes with two Cortex A76 cores clocked at 2.2 GHz and six Cortex A55s to complement. The GPU that is an ARM Mali G57 GPU, the same as in Dimensity 720. In the support of cameras, MediaTek has provided this chip with support for sensors up to 64 Mpx in the case of a single camera. Although they do not specify which dual sensor combinations this chip will support-

It is presented as a processor without great fanfare within this mid-range, but it can be an option for bring 5G to many models in the mid-range more modest on Android. Surely among Chinese brands we are going to see a great presence of MediaTek Dimensity 700, as we have already seen of other processors in this range, present in Huawei, OPPO or Vivo phones.

The MediaTek Dimensity 700 will be available in the first quarter of 2021, as has been learned, since its production is currently underway. At the moment it is not known which models or brands will use this processor, surely Chinese brands like the ones we have mentioned, although they are expected to be models with prices of around 200-250 euros in price.

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