Marvel Realm of Champions for Android: Launch and Features

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Table of Contents

As we say, the developer in charge of working on this new title is Kabam games. It is very specialized in creating games set in Marvel, since it has released other copies such as Marvel Battle of Superheroes. This time, however, it was worth bringing Kabam together with Netmarble to develop this game.

Marvel Kingdom of Superheroes
Marvel Kingdom of Superheroes

Marvel Realm of Champions will be a MOBA

From the first images, Marvel Realm of Champions may be the typical 1 vs 1 fighting game that we have seen so much on Android already. In fact, Marvel Battle of Superheroes is a title traced to what we have mentioned. But it really is not so, since this new release is a MOBA in which we will have all the references of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Realm of Champions gameplay

The game is set in Battleworld, a forbidden planet hidden behind the Barrier of Time and Space, recently interrupted by the death of the Master, the God-King. The funny thing is that at first the game is not going to throw us into the arena to fight, but first we must train our hero and equip him for combat. From there, we will enjoy 3 vs 3 games in real time, something that sounds a lot to us about Supercell and its Brawl Stars.

Marvel Realm of Champions will store numerous characters from the catalog that the science fiction company has been building over time. At the moment, the presence of some such as Iron Legionnaire, Web Warrior, Black Panther, Hulk, Storm and Sorcerer Supreme. Those will be the first eligible heroes we can play with.

It will have several scenarios

The development of the games are staged in a pose created from various realities. This means that we will be able to play in different very recognizable arenas, since they are set in iconic places such as the Wakanda city, Necropolis or even Tony Stark’s palladium mines. As we play and win games, it will help us to improve the character with more skills and better equipment.

Marvel Realm of Champions superheroes

And is that each superhero has varieties in equipment and clothes, traced to those that have appeared in comics and movies. For example, Spider-man and hulk they have some variations on their costume. Also, if we we previously registered in the game, we’ll get some exclusive rewards and some gold to get started. Marvel Realm of Champions launch will be on next December 16 in the Play Store.