LudaFarma, the app to look at what pharmacy have your medication

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Table of Contents

It is an app that allows us to locate stock of what you want to buy, or put another way, check if it in our pharmacy you trust, or the closest there is availability of the drug. In this way, we can save the step of going to the establishment, and that is not what we are looking for not to mention prevent us from waiting in lines.


Discover where to have the medicine that you lack

As good app online shopping, offers everything to you that you have not only a pharmacy, but all of the area, even if it is 500 kilometers away. It does not offer a catalog determined for each site, simply based on the searches of the users. To begin to acquire medicine, we have several ways to search, but before all that we must register on the platform and add a form of payment as it is obvious.

LudaFarma, the app to look at what pharmacy have your medication 1

As we said, the possibilities are several, and we can assign our pharmacy trusted for that, through notifications, to be aware of all the new features. In the second place, we have a search bar to find by the name of the exact product we want. Finally, there is a more advanced search that shows in more detail the content of the drug, units that have or reference numbers. In addition, on each product indicates whether prescription is necessary or not, before you order it.

It is not necessary to put the exact words

Do not be alarmed if we do not remember the exact name of the medication, is normal, as some denominations are to study for their difficulty. For that reason, the app includes a button called ‘I don’t know the exact name’ on the main screen of the interface. In this way, we can put a name approximate of the product, accompanied by a small description of the same, and the need that we want to cover, so that the pharmacy chosen to prepare the shipment you will know what product it is exactly.

On the other hand, offers the option of going to pick it up at the establishment itself, to make sure that the purchase has been successfully processed. We have to say that only accepts electronic paymentseven choosing the option of pick up at the pharmacy will accept payment in cash, but however, it is also meant to be used to order prescriptions and treatments of the elderly and emergency patients.