Let’s Play with Alexa: Games for Amazon’s Assistant

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Table of Contents

Maybe what we are going to tell you now is something that had not occurred to you, since many of us have the concept that virtual assistants are only good for asking questions, something that is not real. If we have a device that has the Amazon assistant called Alexa, we will can play different games that are at our disposal in those moments when boredom arises. Therefore, today we are going to leave you some of the ones that we liked the most.

If you are an Alexa user you will know that we have Skills with which we can incorporate services to expand everything that this assistant offers us. This allows us to install tools that we usually use, such as Spotify, for example.

Well, we will not only limit ourselves to that, but we can have games that, through voice, allow us to interact and have a great time together with Alexa.

All we have to do is go to the Amazon website and from there go activating them to work on your device. The way is very simple:

  • Let’s go to the Skills section from Alexa.
  • Then we just have to click on the games category.
  • We select the one we like and then click on Install Skill.
  • That’s how easy it is to get these games to be operational in our product with built-in Alexa.

Games for Alexa

The games that we are going to show you are some of the ones that we have found most entertaining to spend that time that we all have from time to time where we do not know very well what we can do. We will have a little of everything, since variety is where the true wealth is, and because in this way we will not have to always play the same type of game.

True or false

True or False Alexa

This is a very simple game, but one that is very entertaining, since what Alexa does is ask us certain questions in which we must answer if it is true or false. The dynamic is very simple, but it can become a lot of fun, especially if we get the answers right.

Skill: True or false


Anikinator Alexa

Curious game where Alexa is asking us one question after another to try to guess which character we are thinking of at that precise moment. It is a very fun game and it really surprises, since many times it is incredible how quickly our thoughts get right.

Skill: Anikinator

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Family Trivia Alexa

I do not think we have to explain too much what the Trivial Pursuit is, since it is the classic game of questions that has been between us a lifetime, which is very literal in the case of the editor who writes these lines. We have six categories of questions and we must answer them by playing with our family, since this edition is specially designed for the same. Fun is guaranteed.

Skill: Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Pass word

Password alexa

If you like the popular Pasapalabra television program that has been broadcast in Spain for so many years, you are sure to love this Skill, since you can spend hours playing your favorite contest. This game focuses on the final part of the program, the so-called donut, and it will indicate a definition and the letter, so that you can identify the correct word. It is a fun game that will hook you.

Skill: Pass word

Sink the float

Hunidri the fleet Alexa

Another classic and very fun game is Sink the Fleet, well, you can play it with your Alexa device. It is clear that we must sink the assistant’s fleet before you are left without any of your ships. It is a game that brings back many memories, since there was a time when it was one of the most popular games.

Skill: Sink the float

Guess the song

Guess the song

If you are a music fan, you are going to love this Alexa game, since it is about knowing one of the 400 songs it has in memory. This skill reads you part of the lyrics of a random song and you have to say the title of it. It’s really fun.

Skill: Guess the song

Statues Game

Statues Game

This Alexa game is very fun, since it is one that many of us have played in our childhood. When you hear music, you start dancing, but when you stop the music, you freeze like a statue. If you move, the person who was watching will point at you and you will be the one who is left without playing in the next round. It is valid to play with friends or family, but surely the little ones in the house will like it a lot.

Skills: Statues Game

Who is who

Who is who

Alexa will choose a character and your other from those that appear on the screen of your device. Once you have chosen it, it is the moment in which, by means of questions, both you and Alexa are going to try to find out which character each has chosen. We can ask them questions such as Does he wear glasses? Does he have a beard? Does he have a mustache? Does he wear earrings? Is he a girl? or Do you have long hair ?, among many others. The winner is the one who first guesses who the other’s character is.

If the Alexa device does not have a screen, we can also play, since we can enter whoevergame is and we will play by clicking on the characters that we want to hide, or by clicking on the download button that we will find in the upper right corner of the web to print on a cardboard a board with which to play.

Skill: Who is who

Escape room

Escape Room Alexa

In this game we will be trapped in a room from which we cannot escape. Using objects that we must look for, we can solve certain puzzles that will help us find the way out of the room. It is a very fun game that will hook you from the first moment.

Skill: Escape room

We hope you enjoy the games that we have presented to you a lot and that Alexa will give you some very fun moments. You already know that the Amazon assistant can do more than just answer questions.

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