Let’s play Diablo Immortal: the classic you want to have on your mobile

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In Spain we have great access to video games for decades, and few games have as much history behind them as Diablo, one of Blizzard’s most iconic action RPGs, a title that the company wanted to adapt to mobile devices.

Although the game does not have a release date yet, we have had the opportunity to play the version that is currently in development to share our impressions.

Immortal Devil is a game that feels like it should feel

Let's play Diablo Immortal: the classic you want to have on your mobile 1

In recent years, hearing about a mobile adaptation of a popular console and PC game had given me the creeps, leaving me feeling that what the developers were looking for was to leverage their brand to create yet another quarrel.Fortunately, it is a feeling that I feel less and less, and it is increasingly common to find games of extraordinary quality on mobile phones.

Titles like Hearthstone, Fortnite, PUBG or Call of Duty Mobile surprised me, and although I abandoned them relatively quickly (it is not a genre that I am passionate about), I did feel that high quality mobile titles would be more and more frequent. 2020 has shown us with Genshin Impact and League of Leguends, Wild Rift.

After playing the development version of Diablo Immortal for several hours, I feel like fans of action RPGs and dungeon crawling are going to have a really fun game to play.

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We start from a very basic premise, and that is the creation of our character. We can choose its gender and its class, having in this version four to choose from:

  1. Barbarian:Melee combat with weapons and great stamina.
  2. Magician:Well versed in the use of magic, he casts powerful spells.
  3. Demon Hunter:Equipped with crossbows, ranged damage with mobility.
  4. Monk:Mix between physical and magical fighting.

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My main choice has been a demon hunter. In choosing the face of the character we do not have many options, and although we assume that it is because it is a version still in development, it is not something to take much account of, since the appearance of our character in the games will be determined by the equipment we have.

As the boatman drops us off at the port, we will have to start exploring on our own. The game’s interface is well thought out, since although we can go wherever we want, the objective of each mission will be marked by footprints that appear on the ground, always keeping in mind the path to follow in an intuitive way.

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The game has its own stories and missions, but the basis is always the same. Go to the place of turn eliminating the enemies that we come across using our weapons and skills, explore dungeons, get treasures and defeat the boss of each dungeon to continue doing exactly the same in another place.

Although it seems like a somewhat repetitive mechanic, it has its one, and that is that it is entertaining and satisfying to destroy hordes of enemies. The gameplay and its isometric perspective are timeless and never go out of style, so in that sense we found it interesting.

Simple controls and manageable technical requirements

Let's play Diablo Immortal: the classic you want to have on your mobile 2

Like any mobile game, Immortal Diablo uses touch controls, which in its case are virtual buttons to control the character, a large button for basic attacks, and several smaller buttons for our abilities, potions, and ultimate ability.

Let's play Diablo Immortal: the classic you want to have on your mobile 3

The control feels quite natural, even if you’ve never played on touchscreens or have no notions of what the Devil is about, making it appealing to old and new players alike. Once you get the hang of it, there is no enemy capable of touching my demon hunter.

Let's play Diablo Immortal: the classic you want to have on your mobile 4

The interface of the menus and equipment is clear and descriptive, and is that sometimes we do not even need to read what an object does to know that it is superior to the one we have equipped (although even so, due to changes in the statistics it is always convenient to take a glance).

A promising game for old school and new players

Let's play Diablo Immortal: the classic you want to have on your mobile 5

You can tell that Blizzard is putting a lot of effort into creating a game that we want to play, and it is that Diablo Immortal has liked everyone who has taught the game, from Diablo II enthusiasts to people who had never played the original games. Also those who are somewhere in between, but who like exploring dungeons and defeating hordes of enemies.

Diablo Immortal is still in Alpha version and does not yet have an official confirmed release date, although given how polished the version we have played feels, we would not be surprised if it ends up being available during 2021.We highly recommend that you register on Google Play.

Let's play Diablo Immortal: the classic you want to have on your mobile 6


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